My last post I said that I had to remove my internet query tools due to some bugs that were a concern.  Some of the code was hard to maintain and probably had holes and I had noticed that it looped at times.

I’m happy to say that I have restored some of those tools now, still located at

This code is completely re-written in Python using the TurboGears toolkit which means it is a lot cleaner in how it works and how it looks.  Some of the lookup tables use a database rather than an array for ease of updating and querying.  The downside is the backends will take time.  It currently only does nslookup queries and whois only works for IPv4 addresses. The domain name queries will be a while off as these are the most complicated to handle. To give you an idea, all IPv4 and IPv6 address information comes from 5 sources with two formats while domain names come from over 200 sources with about 40 formats.  This means the information from Regional Internet Registries will be done first.

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  1. Abbey

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting the tools back!
    I been using it since the early 90s (mosty nslookup) and always find it to be quick easy and reliable 🙂

    • Craig

      Thankyou Abbey. If you were using in the 90s then you must of been one of the very first to use it as I wrote it around then. I’m much happier with the code-base now as its much easier to maintain.
      If people were wondering what is coming next, I’ll try to bring back the domain whois. This is easily the most complicated part as there are many (I have 196 known ones) servers with over 40 different formats. The other thing might be Internationalized Domain Names.

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