JFFNMS at RC2, ncurses at 5.8

After some reports back about [JFFNMS](http://www.jffnms.org/) 0.9.0rc1 I have now updated it to rc2. Thanks for all who gave me information about how it worked in YOUR setup.  I cannot be sure but I’d say the second RC will be the last until the release itself.

Sven has also given me the nod and ncurses 5.8 migrated into unstable.  We’ve had one report that the new version of ncurses might not play well with stfl (see #616711 ) but generally speaking it should work ok.

Finally, congratulations to the Debian project on [winning two categories at the Linux New Media Awards](http://www.debian.org/News/2011/20110304). It was especially good to hear the presentation by Karsten Gerloff who is president of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

## ncurses bug update
It seems that the ncurses bug is more serious and is to do with newwin() function in the library. If you get crashes when a program starts and its linked to ncurses 5.8 (even if it is not a Debian system) you may have this problem.

It doesn’t happen to all ncurses programs, as the stfl example code and mutt work ok.




One of the many Free Software projects I work on is JFFNMS, which is a network management system written in PHP. In light that the last IPv4 address blocks have now been allocated to APNIC it’s probably timely to look at how to manage network devices in a new IPv6 world.
First you need to get the basics sorted out and for that it is best to use the net-snmp command line utilities to check all is well. Then its onto what to do in JFFNMS itself.
Now fixed with proper markup, I hope.

Read more JFFNMS and IPv6

JFFNMS 0.8.5 released

After my usual battle with PHP and database exports, jffnms 0.8.5 is now released. This program is a network management system written in PHP.  The worst part about the whole maintaining process for it would have to be is the release.

Why is it so difficult to track changes within a database and PHP code? You don’t get that nice compile-time versus run-time error problems and the database is just diabolical to keep up to date with what you have changed.  Someone needs to invent a git for database states!

Looking around other PHP based programs, I don’t think anyone else has solved this issue. Well, its out there, enjoy it or not and if you have comments about the program let me know.