One of the many Free Software projects I work on is JFFNMS, which is a network management system written in PHP. In light that the last IPv4 address blocks have now been allocated to APNIC it’s probably timely to look at how to manage network devices in a new IPv6 world.
First you need to get the basics sorted out and for that it is best to use the net-snmp command line utilities to check all is well. Then its onto what to do in JFFNMS itself.
Now fixed with proper markup, I hope.

dh-make and cdbs

If you use dh-make with CDBS then you need to know that CDBS is no longer a package type, but is a rules format. This is where it should of been in the first place and for a few versions of dh-make there was this half-hearted attempt to change it over. Version 0.57 has the

A few minor updates

No real terribly exciting updates lately but all important in their own way. ncurses A new version of ncurses got uploaded into sid. It should hopefully fix the backspace versus delete problem some of the FreeBSD people have been having with some of the terminal emulators. Oh, and if you are pining for the good