About the Website

The main part of the website uses WordPress.  It is basically my alpha-test for the Debian packages that will make their way into the Sid or unstable distribution and from there to the whatever the testing distribution is.

The itools component is something I wrote in python using TurboGears2, but it has it’s own about page.


About Craig

I am a Free Software (or Open Source) programmer and a Debian developer, starting in 1994 with a kernel device driver and a userland layer2 bridge and a routing daemon. My current main projects include:

The stuff that pays the bills is my day job which is working as a Network Architect for various large and complex computer networks.

Contacting me

I got all the ways! There is email and then there is:

My GPG key

In the beginning there was PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy. Now there is GnuPG or GNU Privacy Guard. Both programs allow you to electronically sign and encrypt email or other electronic files. I have had a 1024 bit key for ages, but its time to update to 4096.

Old Key

My key is on most key-servers but I also keep a copy of my PGP key on this website.

 New Key

My new key has signature 5D2F B320 B825 D939 04D2 0519 3938 F96B DF50 FEA5 and is found on most keyservers.