WordPress 3.8 for Debian

Well if you can read this then you know it’s working.  After way too many weeks, Debian will have WordPress version 3.8.  Thanks to Raphaël for his kind assistance and answering my questions about how it was built.  The upload is still gurgling along and will make it there in its own time. He said Handing over packages is hard, I’d agree but say taking over them is too.

So, what does WordPress 3.8 look like?  From the “frontend” I didn’t really notice much.  The big changes, at least cosmetically, seem to be for the admin backend.  It just look slicker and cleaner.

Hopefully Debian users find the update useful and I’ve not broken anything.  There’s always the BTS if there is.  I’ve deliberately tried to minimise the changes for this version to limit the breakage.

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Trying out Prosody for XMPP

After reading François’ article about running your own XMPP server, I thought I’d give it a go myself. A comment from Steven suggested that prosody would be a better and simpler alternative so I went with that.

It is actually really simple with about 5 lines to add to the config, as well as firewall changes. The only trick is if you have a chained SSL certificate like mine you need to cat the certificate and the CA one together, otherwise you get SSL errors.

So I’m up and going with a XMPP contact the same as my email address which is csmall and then the domain enc.com.au
It just doesn’t have anyone as contacts yet 🙁 I”ll be adding the DNS records for it shortly.