Getting Help

So you’ve tried out RoseNMS and hit a snag or have a query, where can you turn to for help?  The project has an issues register with github and an email list with google groups.



Everyone says, RTFM first.  Now I’ll be the first to admit, the Manual is not so Fine yet, so maybe another acroynym would work here but there are pockets of good information there. The manual is located at Read The Docs at

There is also a specific tag for issues (see next section) around the Documentation is there is something about it that really bugs you.


Issues Register

Something break? You’d like RoseNMS to do…. or something plain strange is going on then it might be an issue. These could either be bugs (this is broken), feature requests (I’d like it to do…) or patches (which are my favourite type!).  If it is a big and involved patch, then probably best to discuss it on the email list first, but most are welcome! They’re all found at the RoseNMS Issues Register.

Email List

The email list for RoseNMS is located at google groups with the imaginative name of “RoseNMS Google Group“. Our marketing folk spend days working on that one. The list is for developers and users as there is an archive with it too.