This is the fourth iteration of the tools. The first set was written in the early 90s and was to help people understand how the various registries work. It basically was to stop people asking me if a particular domain was available or who owned it. For doing that, it was a success!

The original code worked and was clunky, so it has been re-written or adjusted twice. By early 2013 I could see some problems occuring mainly around loops that shouldn't loop that much and I realised the code was too old. I originally just shut that part of the site down.

However, after emails and comments, I have started rebuilding the code base in python and TurboGears. This gives a much better platform to work on and means things like validation and formatting are done in a much cleaner way.

Hopefully it now looks like the old site, but "better", I can safely say from the text editor the code sure does.