Checking Cloudflare SSL

My website for a while has used CloudFlare as its front-end.  It’s a rather nice setup and means my real server gets less of a hammering, which is a good thing.  A few months ago they enabled a feature called Universal SSL which I have also added to my site.  Around the same time, my SSL check scripts started failing for the website, the certificate had expired apparently many many days ago. Something wasn’t right.

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Flash sometimes doesn't like SSL

I found a strange problem recently.  Using Gallery I could always upload new pictures but someone else using Vista could not upload any pictures.  It didn’t matter if she used IE or Firefox, every single upload made Gallery come up with error #2038 (IO). I could say that anyone that uses Vista deserves everything they get, but that would be a little churlish (if true).

A few searches showed that this basically gallery saying “something bad happened with your upload”. No, really? You mean it’s not supposed to be a big red box and no uploaded file?  It’s not the world’s most useful error message.

What got me onto the right path was a message on the gallery forums though it was the other way around. Gallery uses a flash uploader which and this is the same flash if you use Firefox or IE.  It seems it doesn’t like “strange” SSL certificates, such as chained certificates like that site uses (and my site too).  No doubt there is probably some work-around or setting to fix it, but being Vista its probably buried in 20 menu items under some obscure reference.

Setting up the gallery under a non-ssl site fixed it. Perhaps more correctly it was a work-around.

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