pkghelper – Help for sysV packages

The default package type for Solaris is definitely not the best out there, but at least you can guarantee you can install the package on any machine that has the right dependencies. The problem is making those packages for your own programs has been never easy. I hope this sets of scripts makes it a little bit easier for you.

The scripts are heavily influenced by the Debian packaging system. If you’ve made a .deb before then a lot will look familiar to you. The documentation for the scripts is lacking but hopefully there is enough to get you started. My thanks to Joey Hess for his debhelper scripts, which this set is inspired from.

Getting the scripts

I have made a tarball of the scripts and some example files. pkghelper-1.0.tar.gz


The scripts are very new and only been used by myself so I’m expecting a lot of people are going to find the way rocky. I’d appreciate any feedback; good or bad, about them.


The scripts are copyright © 2002 by me (Craig Small) and permission is given to distribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, more commonly known as the GPL. It is not essential for the purposes of the license, but is preferable if you sent any enhancements to myself at the address below. Acknowledgement of the work (or not if you prefer) will be given.


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