procps: Third time lucky

OK, ok, i got a chroot and pbuilder now. So that should, I hope stop any more FTBFS bugs about missing depdendencies.

procps got uploaded that fixes some important bugs, but mainly they were small fiddly things. About the most significant enhancement was pmap now has a real working -x flag.  It looks a lot like some of the other pmap programs out there and shows the RSS and Dirty bytes per map. Let me know if its useful or not.

However there still is 48 bugs in the package, so if you’re feeling game wander over to procps bug page and have a look around, but here are some more interesting ones, such as why would a process start time be earlier than the boot time? Bug 408879 has this problem

Now, a nice can of worms is in a Linux system, what is free memory?  What should the “free” program report?  Currently free just reports what it sees in /proc, but in Bug 565518 should the slab count be taken out?  I certainly won’t be making any Debian-specific changes here as you could get different numbers depending on your distribution, or even worse the age of you Debian system.

procps is also my first attempt at using git-buildpackage which I found very helpful. There was one problem with it and that is how it works with the quilt patch program. If the quilt patches are applied, git doesn’t know this and says all the files have changed. I know its how these two programs are supposed to work but its a little annoying.


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