ncurses into experimental

Sven has been very busy getting a new Debian ncurses packages into order.  With the multiple changes made and the fact that so many things depend on the shared libraries, we decided that it is best to put the first cut of these packages into experimental.

We’re now using the Quilt 3.0 source format for our packages, which means that we should have a better handle on the patches, especially as they all now have Dep-3 patch tags .

So what has changed, why should you go over and try the experimental packages?

  • First, it will help us with checking the packages actually work, Sven has tried them out (I will be soon) but the more testing the better.
  • We’ve updated the upstream patch level (basically the upstream version) on this set of packages.
  • New package! ncurses-examples which are all the example programs that shows you what ncurses can do.



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