Debian turns 18

In Australia, 18 means you can do things like vote and drink. While most don’t get terribly excited about the first, the second usually happens on your 18th.

And so 18 years ago Ian Murdock brought together the new Debian distribution. I’ve been along for the ride for 14 of those 18 years and it certainly has been a fun time and what a lot of differences it has been since then. Debian is not only one of the best distributions around, but has an important place in ensuring there IS a Free Software distribution.

So raise your glasses (mine’s the one with the chilled filtered water, its 8am after all) and wish Happy Birthday to Debian, may you have many more.

And if you’d like some calorie-free cake, hope over to DUG’s site where they have been busy making Debian Birthday Cakes. Just looking at that yummyness won’t be too bad for you, unless it makes you hungry now.

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