Anti-Spam Fails

A day or two ago I tried sending an email to a friend who happens to use the Road Runner ISP for his mail service.  Now this ISP doesn’t like dynamic IP addresses (using the increasing inaccurately named Dial Up List) so I have to punt the email through my ISP’s mailserver first.  Now that server is telling me this:

The reason for the problem: 4.3.2 – Not accepting messages at this time 554-‘5.7.1 – ERROR: Mail refused – <> – See’

So their ISP mailserver is refusing connections from my ISP’s mailserver for some reason, probably on some spam list.  There’s a URL to look up the problem, so going there gives you three things:

  1. A redirection to
  2. A badly configured webserver that uses the above URL with a certificate for
  3. A page that says “It works”

Either Road Runner or Senderscore, preferably both, need to get a clue. Oh and going to gives connection refused. A bit of digging around shows the correct URL is

Now I just realized that my SSL certificate for expired on the weekend so I know these things can happen, but I’m one person (who was away for a while), why can’t companies get their act together?

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  1. They just give a score, it’s up to the mail host to do something with that score. And if the URl is wrong, that’s the mail host too.

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