Bootstrap – The hidden gem in Turbogears

I’ve been trying to tidy up my Mako templates within my Turbogears 2 project.  As part of that I was looking at some of them that are quickstarted including one which is the About page.

What was curious was there was all this CSS work all done already for you, including icons.  Digging further I found out that one of the many projects Turbogears takes in, is Bootstrap.  It’s website describes Bootstrap as “Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.”  but what it means to me is a bunch of guys who understand HTML and CSS way better than me have made it easy for me to build a decent web application.

While the framework won’t suit everyone’s tastes, it makes a lot of the formatting decisions so much easier.  The thing is, in all the Turbogears documentation I have read I’ve not heard it mentioned. Not sure why, its pretty awesome (not SQLAlchemy awesome but not many things are).

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