Removing itools

Update: The newer code is now running, though still needs some testing.

For very many years I have been running a set of tools on my website that basically runs whois or nslookup queries and presents them in a standard format.  I have decided today to shut this part of the website down as the code running those components is very old and I’ve not maintained it for years.  Back when I initially wrote the tools, in 1995 or so, there wasn’t many alternatives to this site but that has long changed.

So thanks for those who emailled me over the years; its been an interesting journey.

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14 responses to “Removing itools”

  1. Too bad, I’ve just discovered it and started using it to help with firewall entries on my two dedicated servers for spammer subnets.

    Good luck to you, and thanks.

    Harry Pierson

  2. Hi,

    We have been using your NS Lookup tool for years. It was always very accurate and reliable. We are sad to see that it has gone. Do you know of any good NS Lookup tools that we may like to use?

    Craig Bourne

  3. Greg Lipschitz Avatar
    Greg Lipschitz

    Oh No!

    We use this tool internally EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    It’s so handy and quick and easy to use.

    Very sad to see it go Craig 🙁



    1. I didn’t think it was used that much anymore. The code hasn’t been looked at for a while. I’m not sure if people use the nslookup bit or the whois bit; I might see if i can check the code of one part and get it back on then.

  4. Hi,

    was there any update on whether the NSLookup tool would be ever be available again? If you don’t want to host it I can host it if you could send the files.

    My email is [email protected]

    1. Craig Avatar

      Hi Craig, I basically took it down as I haven’t had time to maintain the scripts. Was it the nslookup part you use or the whois? The difference between them is nslookup is a much smaller codebase.

      1. Hi Craig,

        We used the nslookup tool almost daily – the way it was laid out all of the records in a neat colour coded, copy/paste friendly table was perfect for what we used. It’s amazing that it hasn’t be updated since the mid ninetys because it was always very accurate and is better than anything else I have been able to find online. Would appreciate if there is anyway we could retrieve the code or if you have any other suggestions for good tools.

        1. Craig Avatar

          I didn’t think many used it anymore, though judging by the redirect hits maybe I was wrong. There is now the nslookup component rebuilt in the old location, you don’t need the php extension anymore so the new link is

          1. Hi Craig,

            Thank you for the new NS Lookup, it looks and works great!


  5. Kevin Wallace Avatar
    Kevin Wallace

    Hi Craig,

    I regularly used nslookup and some of the other tools. Please, please bring them back – they worked even if the components were very old!


    1. Craig Avatar

      Hi Kevin, thanks for the feedback, the dns part is now back on re-written. The remainder will follow once I have time.

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