Sneak peek of top graphs

Jim has been busy as part of the procps-ng team that looks after top. Basically all the changes you find in top from around 2.7 or so are by him. Not satisfied enough with fixing top, making it faster and showing more fields, he has given us CPU and memory graphs.

He also thinks I don’t have enough colours (or as he would put it colors) on my top output so I’ve posted what the new top looks like for me so you can see the graphs and he can see my colours.

top, with colours
top, with colours


I think it is both colourful and useful addition. The colours have been available for a while now and the graphs will appear in the next upstream release of procps-ng.



8 responses to “Sneak peek of top graphs”

  1. It’s good but isn’t this what htop has been doing for years? What’s better than just using it?

    1. They both have their strengths. The great thing is you can use either, or both, or none. Having to put up with systems for my day job where there is only one way, the vendors way, that choice is really appreciated.

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