Updated: psmisc, gw6c and gjay

Time away from work and its been either raining or hot. So I’ve updated and released some software.  It always seems to happen there is a lot of Free Software development during the breaks.

psmisc got a bunch of updates, including a new program called prtstat which formats the stat file in the procfs for a pid in (hopefully) a nice way.  No sooner had I released the latest update when a bug report came in. It seems fuser -m -k is a little too happy about killing itself. The fix is in the CVS but anoying I missed that.

Next up was the Debian gw6c package. I was asked why it didn’t get moved from unstable to testing.  The problem is that while Linux has iproute, kfreebsd does not so the lack of a dependency was stopping it transitioning.  To make matters worse the freebsd template was missing from their package.  After some deb-substvars evilness to fix the dependencies and some dh_install overrides in the debian/rules file it should all be happy when its finished.

Finally, I miss having good random playlists. I’m too lazy to make them myself so I use some random thing which often gives me rubbish.  A program called Gjay used to be in the Debian archive but got removed, mainly because the upstream stopped supporting it.  I can write C (the programming language its written in) and I wanted to use it, so I fixed it.  My version is 64-bit clean, so it works on my amd64 and it works with audacious not the old xmms which is great.  More importantly, it compiles, it runs and it even works properly.
I’m just wondering if I want to release it out to the wider world or not.


5 responses to “Updated: psmisc, gw6c and gjay”

  1. slashdotaccount Avatar

    Please take over the gjay upstream project:
    You might want to get psmisc moved away from CVS too.

  2. https://login.launchpad.net/+id/tWDPdbY Avatar

    Please release Gjay, or at least provide public access to your VCS. I really miss it. (Granted, not often, but sometimes it really yearn for better-tuned playlists than a pure random mode.)

  3. I’ve emailled the old maintainer to see if I can upload the changes.

  4. ranyardm Avatar

    +1 here for someone to maintain gjay, if for no other reason than to get a deb for something reasonably modern… it doesn’t even work right in jaunty now 🙁

  5. Ticket 7772 is in the SF tracker now. I think it takes 90 days or so.

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