Happy new RC

It’s the late afternoon of the first day of 2010 here, though I suppose its still 2009 for someone for a little while.

After a lot of waiting, JFFNMS release candidate 1 for 0.8.5 got uploaded to sourceforge.  This release is mainly about fixing some database release bugs 0.8.4 had and they’re all caused by the fact that working with PHP and database to release code is plain awful.

The problem is tracking changes in your database. So version 1 has 3 tables and 60 rows, version 2 has 4 tables and 90 rows, but what changed?  Everything I’ve seen so far is a bit of a hack or is real fiddly.  JFFNMS release process is both which is why I’ll go and release several versions of C code or Debian packages before trying to crack that nut again.

If you are wondering what JFFNMS is, its a Network Management System. It makes graphs and red/green icons depending on the status of your routers and servers. Written in PHP and web based and of course licensed under the GPL


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real expert.

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