dh-make updated to 0.52 and its remaining bugs

I’ve made a quick release of dh-make, now up to 0.52.  Besides a minor dh_make.1 manual page fix this release will put the right value in the debian/source/format file.  0.51 will make it a native source package no matter what flags you use.

If you get weird lintian errors about native source formats and version numbers wrong on your brand-new Debian package you just made, you might of been bitten by this bug.

That leaves a few bugs left, there are two I need help with:

  • Bug 328692 – If you have a plan ASCII name like me, then your name looks fine in the dh-make generated man pages. This bug requires converting names that aren’t plain ASCII (e.g. that use UTF-8) into something groff understands. Someone suggested decomposed unicode but unicode and groff are pretty much a black art to me, let alone combining them.
  • Bug 533117 – This one is all about making dh-make make your python packages.  You’ll need to understand the new debhelper v7 rules files.  Again, python is not something I use so the bug is stuck here.


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