VMware at last

Well I suppose its a bit heretical running something such as VMware, but its an important piece of software at my workplace, it also allows me to run some important VMKs or modules.  But at first it just wouldn’t compile.

And then I found this wonderful blog about Installing VMware on Ubuntu and it worked wonderfully. The author patched the code and it all installed nicely.

The next problem was one of the services would not start. Port 8308 would refuse to work and when I went to the management screen and said Service Unavailable.  I tracked this down to the Java program dying at socket binding time.

The absolute first thing you should check if you are having TCP/IP problems with Java is the sysctl path net.ipv6.bindv6only which you can check with
sysctl net.ipv6.bindv6only.

If it is 1, it might mean bad Java code network problems. And in fact this time it was the problem, changing it to 0 and the Java daemon started and stayed running and all was good.

Incidently if you use the Cisco ASA firewall Java client and it dies, use this trick for it too.  On Debian systems, edit the file /etc/sysctl.d/bindv6only and set that option to 0.  I don’t think its the fault of the key, but bad Java code (but is there anything but bad Java code?)


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