psmisc 22.13, gjay 0.3.1-2 and son 2.0

Two updates for Debian today.

I’m the upstream for psmisc and 22.13 finally got released, which also meant 22.13-1 Debian package got released too. There was some delay to it (see below why) but it is now out.  Unless you run a mips or superH architecture, there is not really any exciting changes, but should make it compile for those two architectures and then at least get the mips buildd underway so the versions all line up.

Secondly, gjay had two minor bug fixes and was updated.  If the analysis daemon kept playing music instead of looking at it or the vorbis files were not being recognised, then this new version will help there.  The mpg123 command line patch will be rolled into the upstream too.

I’m also working on getting gjay to work with the Exaile player.  If you want it to work with your player the easiest thing is to send me patches or code snippets that do the following:

  • Detect your player is running
  • Can give me the currently played song, preferably the filename of it. Exaile doesn’t so I’ll put it a kludge to guess it from title and artist
  • Remotely send a playlist to your player and get the player to start

Last of all, my second son was born last week. It’s back to those night feeds again and is probably why I’ve not written as much code as I normally would; but I wouldn’t change that either.


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