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I’d have to say (in fact I often do) that Telstra sucks.  This is the very large anonymous telco that supposedly provides a telecommunications service.  Alternatively they also force me to have a phone line because it is far cheaper to buy a line and phone service instead of just a line. My website, email

@ 0x28

It doesn’t look so old in hex; Zero, x, Two, Eight  but I finally got there.  So on this day, what other landmarks am I up to? I’ve been programming, on and off, for 28 years (thanks for teaching me Chris – anyone still use LOGO?) Writing Free Software for 17 years (thanks Terry for

Manilla, Git and Gjay

Work doesn’t often send to me places as great as Manilla in the Philippines, but here I am.  It’s a reasonably modern place and to me feels more like America than Asia in so many ways, posssibly because of its history.  One thing is for sure, noone follows road rules here.  Red lights are a