Lottery from ancient rockers

Apparently I’ve won the lottery. What is even more amazing is that it is one based not in Australia but in the UK ELO (England Lottery Organisation) and I didn’t even buy a ticket.  Even more amazing is even though this organisation is based in England, they don’t write English very well; perhaps its declining school standards. They’re so concerned about giving you the maximum return on the dollar (or pound) they don’t even use a proper email address but a free webmail from umail.

It is, of course a scam. Popularly known as Nigerian 419 or advanced-fee fraud. You can win the money but.. well it seems there is some holdup and you need to pay some “release fee” or some bribe to get your dollars.  What makes me a little sad is it was for only 250,000 UK pounds. I feel ripped off as a few google searches showed people being offered over 500,000 pounds on the same scam. Don’t these crooks know I have a high aussie dollar exchange rate to overcome?

About the only interesting thing about it was that my dspam filters missed it but they’ve now been retrained with that miss. I think sending it as a pdf was why it made it through.

And I now cannot get ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) songs out of my head, thanks a lot scammers! (It’s a livin’ thing, ya know)

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2 responses to “Lottery from ancient rockers”

  1. Ha ha, what a chump you are. I win up to 4 times that on a regular basis.

    1. How bad is that? I can even win well on scammed “virtual” winnings. I would of liked a carved commodore 64 though.

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