JFFNMS 0.9.0 Released

After 3 release candidates JFFNMS is now at version 0.9.0. Both the web frontend and backend (engines) have had extensive re-work done to them to cleanup and tighten up the code. There should be a lot less warnings and errors from PHP when you set to a higher error level.

  • Fixed error in syslog consolidator which fails for postgresql
  • All webpage input passes through Sanitizer
  • register_globals no longer needs to be turned on, so turn it off!
  • rrdtool v1.0 support dropped
  • lots of cleanup
  • poller rewritten with parent/child code
  • autodiscovery the same as poller
  • Removed php rrd module support
  • Interface auto-discovery will check sysobjid before trying discovery
  • IPv6 reachability support
  • Separated interface selector code
  • SNMP interfaces can have High Speed and optinally no Cisco proxy ping
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