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I’d have to say (in fact I often do) that Telstra sucks.  This is the very large anonymous telco that supposedly provides a telecommunications service.  Alternatively they also force me to have a phone line because it is far cheaper to buy a line and phone service instead of just a line.

My website, email and pretty much everything else has been offline for almost exactly 2 days and this being the third time in 8 days it has happened.  The service interruption impacts at least a large chunk if not all of the suburb I live in so you’d think the second time they’d look into it more, but apparently not.  They don’t even have technical staff oncall on Sundays either apparently.

The weird thing about when I called up was they didn’t know about the fault. If it was a single line that would be fine but a large bit of an exchange go and they don’t know about it?  It seems a little too casual to me as it wouldn’t be that difficult to have some sort of alarming.  I just hope that perhaps someone knew but their call centre doesn’t get that information pushed down to it.

I have a few sponsored Debian packages that now need working on and uploading so that’s what I’ll be getting into once I get some more time.  procps is almost ready as well with the final minor patches to be integrated.


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  1. Wouter Verhelst Avatar
    Wouter Verhelst

    Gotta love the ex-monopolies (ex, if only in name).à

    In Belgium, the ex-monopoly is Belgacom. Some customer ordered a high-speed line from them, but they said the best they could do was a 2Mbit SDSL. Two weeks down the line it became abundantly clear that this was not enough, so we talk to the neighbours whom we know have a 100Mbit fiber that they don’t completely use and ask if we can leach some bandwidth using a wireless link over the street. “Coincidentally”, we say, “where are you getting your fiber link”. “Belgacom”

    So we call back. “Oh, good that you tell us,” Belgacom says, “we didn’t know that we had a fiber over there. Yes, sure, then we should be able to do that for you, too”


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