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I get a lot of spam.  Most of it, thankfully is blocked by dspam but occasionally i get some through the filter.  One that particularly caught my eye was interesting not so much what it was advertising (I don’t read that part of the email) but where it came from and goes to.

Normally there are two service providers involved in spam.  The email comes from (or via) one and then the spamvertised website is another.  The interesting thing is for this spam both of these were the same service provider. The email came from and the spamvertised website was Both of these addresses are owned by  I punted the email to spamcop and it said that they’re not interested in spam reports.

A few google queries shows that these guys seem quite happy to have spam sources and destinations and have been doing it for years.  They either appear as or unbiquity servers but they are one and the same organisation, or at least related.

I won’t bother to send anything to them, it seems this has been done many many times by others with no results. Instead some CIDR blocks will be put into my blacklist.

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