procps-ng 3.3.5

Are you using procps 3.3.4?  My suggestion is you don’t!

An API change slipped through which mean if you tried to run procps 3.3.5 on libproc 3.3.4 it did strange things. One of those strange things is ps ax crashes. Top looked rather interesting as well.  This in turn upsets the boot sequence around mounting drives so you get a horrible mess.  The problem is the testsuite didn’t catch it because we’re not testing the API yet and the binaries use the libtool hack to use the library in the build directory.  Lucky for me I only updated manually the binaries and not the library so I saw it early.

procps 3.3.5 was released tonight and it has the SONAME bump ,so we are not at libprocps1 not libprocps0.

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