What I learnt from LCA 2013

Well I’m back from LCA 2013 and what a great week it was. I learnt plenty of things over the week, including:

  • Cloud computing into the government will be coming but will be hard to do in a significant way
  • It wasn’t just me that found the GTK 2 to 3 API change hard going
  • OpenStack is the next cool kid on the block and there is a lot going on here
  • Try out novaprova for testing C programs
  • SELinux shouldnt slow my computer down and yes ill try it soon
  • git-annex looks very interesting, I’m just trying to find a use-case for it for me
  • The development methods for Free Software have come a long way since a decade ago
  • Test and release processes are important on large software projects
  • Pretty much everyone I knew has changed companies, at least once.
  • For multi-process communication, 0mq looks interesting

It was great to actually meet people who I’ve known for years (over 10 for some) only as emails or irc chats as well. I’ve not been to Mount Stromlo for almost as long and its somewhere I’d like to visit again.

Argh, the wordpress editor is still not fixed 🙁


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