wordpress 4.9.7

No sooner than I had patched WordPress 4.9.5 to fix the arbitrary unlink bug than I realised there is a WordPress 4.9.7 out there. This release (just out for Debian, if my Internet behaves) fixes the unlink bug found by RIPS Technologies.  However, the WordPress developers used a different method to fix it.

There will be Debian backports for WordPress that use one of these methods. It will come down to do those older versions use hooks and how different the code is in post.php

You should update, and if you don’t like WordPress deleting or editing its own files, perhaps consider using AppArmor.

Changing Jabber IDs

I’ve shuffled some domains around, using less of enc.com.au and more of my new domain dropbear.xyz The website should work with both, but the primary domain is dropbear.xyz


Another change is my Jabber ID which used to be csmall at enc but now is same username at dropbear.xyz I think I have done all the required changes in prosody for it to work, even with a certbot certificate!

Renaming RoseNMS

Today I have pushed all (or hopefully all) the required differences in the source files to change the name of the project.  Originally it was called Rosenberg NMS, named after a lizard or heath monitor that lives in this parts.  The name was cute but cumbersome.

I’ve cut it down now to just RoseNMS with no space in between. This will also fix the nightmare of using a space, hyphen or underscore in various pieces of the code. All three were used but with no space in between, there is no confusion.

The site URL remains the same at https://rmns.org/ however the read-the-docs url has changed to fit with the new name: https://rosenms.readthedocs.org/