psmisc 22.21 Released

Today as it was raining and I couldn’t do much gardening, psmisc version 22.21 was released. The files are located up on sourceforge at or at your favorite distro repository soon.  Once again, thanks to all patch submitters, bug reports and translators for all their help in getting this out. Apologies to the translation teams for having two alpha versions.

So what does psmisc 22.21 bring you? Amongst a lot of minor bug fixes it has:

  • If you started a process and then spawned some threads and then decided to change the names of the threads, pstree would show the “old” name, it now shows the correct new name
  • pstree has a new flag (-N) for namespace support, thanks Aristeu for the patches
  • Previously fuser -M flag only worked if it was before -m, now it can be either order

The Debian psmisc package should be out in the next few hours.

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