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Mudlet - Graphical MUD client

A break from wordpress, I was trying to get the beta version of mudlet 3.0 compiling. On the surface the program looks a lot like the existing v2.0 that is currently within Debian.  The developers have switched from qt4 to qt5 which means a lot of dependency fun for me but I got there in the end.

As it is only a beta and not their final release, the package is located within the Debian experimental release. Once 3.0 hits a final release, I’ll switch it to sid.  If you do use the current mudlet, give 3.0 a try. I’d be interested to know what you think.

For people that have not heard of mudlet before, it is a mud client. mud stands for Multi User Dungeon, which is a multiplayer text-only game. While you can use something as simple as telnet to connect to a mud server, most people use some sort of specialised client. The advantages are you can display extra information (such a health stats) in a different window as well as aliases (macros or special commands, basically the same idea as a bash alias) and triggers (commands that are run depending on what the mud server sends you). The triggers take away some of the repeated things you may have to do, such as sipping a health tonic when your health level drops below some limit.

One thing you might notice in the experimental 3.0 beta is that the icon is missing. lintian picked up that the license was wrong; it was by-nc which meant it can’t go into main. I’ve removed the icon until upstream sorts it out.


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  1. Good news! Mudlet have updated the license to GPL which means the icon will be back in.

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