procps 3.3.12

The procps developers are happy to announce that version 3.3.12 of procps was released today. This version has a mixture of bug fixes and enhancements. This unfortunately means another API bump but we are hoping this will be fixed with the new library API coming soon.

procps is developed on gitlab and the new version of procps can be found at

procps 3.3.12 can be found at

From the NEWS file, procps 3.1.12 has the following:

  • build: formerly optional –enable-oomem unconditional
  • free: man document rewritten for shared Debian #755233
  • free: interpret intervals in non-locale way Debian #692113
  • kill: report error if cannot kill process Debian #733172
  • library: refine calculation of ‘cached’ memory
  • library: find tty quicker Debian #770215
  • library: eliminate threads display inconsistencies Redhat #1284091
  • pidof: check cmd if space found in argv0
  • pmap: fixed detail parsing on long mapping lines
  • pmap: fix occasional incorrect memory usage values Redhat #1262864
  • ps: sort by cgroup Debian #692279
  • ps: display control group name with -o cgname
  • ps: fallback to attr/current for context Debian #786956
  • ps: enabled broken ‘thcount’ option Redhat #1174313
  • tests: conditionally add prctl Debian #816237
  • top: displays the 3 new linux-4.5 RES memory fields
  • top: man page memory fields corrected + new narrative
  • top: added display of CGNAME (control group name)
  • top: is now more responsive to cpus brought online
  • top: namespace cols use suppressible zero

We are hoping this will be the last one to use the old API and the new format API ( imaginatively called newlib ) will be used in subsequent releases.

Feedback for this and any other version of procps can be sent to either the issue tracker or the development email list.


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