Changing Jabber IDs

I’ve shuffled some domains around, using less of and more of my new domain The website should work with both, but the primary domain is   Another change is my Jabber ID which used to be csmall at enc but now is same username at I think I have done all

Renaming RoseNMS

Today I have pushed all (or hopefully all) the required differences in the source files to change the name of the project.  Originally it was called Rosenberg NMS, named after a lizard or heath monitor that lives in this parts.  The name was cute but cumbersome. I’ve cut it down now to just RoseNMS with

A python utf gotcha

This one had me stumped for a while: # -*- coding: utf-7 -*- import datetime from sqlalchemy import ForeignKey, Column from sqlalchemy.types import Integer, Unicode, Boolean, DateTime default_due_date = + datetime.timedelta(days=30) Syntax error found on last line. Hmm, bring up a python interpreter and type the last line in with the imports. Works fine.

Important WordPress update

WordPress 3.8.2 was released yesterday which contains some important security fixes. This is an important security release and the Debian packages were uploaded to the ftp-master a few minutes ago. Besides fixing Debian Bug #744018, the release fixes the following two vulnerabilities (as mentioned in the bug report): CVE-2014-0165 WordPress privilege escalation: prevent contributors from

Resetting USB devices

I’m not sure if it is just a bad motherboard, cable, USB device or just bad luck, but when I reboot the computer the UPS doesn’t appear. It’s not even seen in lsusb and of course that makes nut-server fail which makes nut-client complain that it cannot work out the UPS status.The solution was to