Linux 4.0 ate my docker images

I have previously written about the gitlab CI runners that use docker.  Yesterday I made some changes to procps and pushed them to gitlab which would then start the CI.  This morning I checked and it said build failed – ok, so that’s not terribly unusual. The output from the runner was:

gitlab-ci-multi-runner 0.3.3 (dbaf96f)
Using Docker executor with image csmall/testdebian ...
Pulling docker image csmall/testdebian ...
Build failed with Error: image csmall/testdebian: not found

Hmm, I know I have that image, it just must be the runner so, let’s see what images I have:

$ docker images

Now, I know I have images, I had about 10 or so of them, where did they go? I even looked in the /var/lib/docker directories and can see the json configs, what have you done with my images docker?

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Sneak peek of top graphs

Jim has been busy as part of the procps-ng team that looks after top. Basically all the changes you find in top from around 2.7 or so are by him. Not satisfied enough with fixing top, making it faster and showing more fields, he has given us CPU and memory graphs.

He also thinks I don’t have enough colours (or as he would put it colors) on my top output so I’ve posted what the new top looks like for me so you can see the graphs and he can see my colours.

top, with colours
top, with colours


I think it is both colourful and useful addition. The colours have been available for a while now and the graphs will appear in the next upstream release of procps-ng.


procps-ng 3.3.9

Procps version 3.3.9 was released today.  As there has been some API changes and fixes which means the library has changed again.  There is a fine balance between fixing or enhancing library functions and keeping the API stable, with the added problem it wasn’t a terribly good one to start with.

Besides the API change, the following changes were made:

  • kernel namespaces support added to skill, pgrep, ps and top
  • pidof was reimplemented from scratch (replacing sysvinit pidof)
  • ps has configurable libselinux support (–enable-libselinux)
  • ps provides for display of systemd slice unit (–with-systemd)
  • free can once again report non-zero ‘shared’ memory
  • sysctl provides ‘–system’ to ignore missing /etc/sysctl.conf
  • watch interval capacity was increased – debian #720445
  • pwdx no longer fails in a nonexistent locale – debian #718766
  • top clarified summary area Mem/Swap stats – debian #718670
  • top batch mode -w (width) abend fixed – debian #721204
  • top man page removed ‘Bd/Ed’ mdoc macros – debian #725713
  • top no longer clears screen at exit – redhat #977561
  • top adapted to potential libnuma stderr message – redhat #998678
  • top added missing batch mode newline – redhat #1008674

Tar file is at sourceforge at

procps-ng 3.3.7 Released

procps-ng version 3.3.7 was released today.  It has some new and interesting features in the top program that Jim has been busy working on.  There is a new filter feature which can exclude fields that match a value for example. The remainder of the changes are small bug fixes and getting the compile warnings count down with -Wall enabled. The library revision was updated but this did not involve an API or ABI change.

procps-ng can be downloaded off the sourceforge page which has the current and previous releases stored there. Alternatively you can visit our gitorious page if git fetch is more your thing. Debian packages will be going into experimental until the freeze is over and we get things unblocked.

procps 3.3.6 and Mudlet 2.0

Mudlet - Graphical MUD clientYesterday was a busy Debian day for me with the release of not one but two packages.


procps version 3.3.6 was released both as an upstream and a Debian package.  While there were many bug fixes in this release, the main new feature for it was the top inspect feature.

The top inspect feature allows you to run top in the normal way then you can inspect a specific process you have selected within top for more information.  Examples of this include fuser or lsof type output to see what files or libraries are open but really the limit is how clever the operator is and how often you would need this information.  Even scripts can be run off this feature if you have some customised or cooked output you need to see.  Once the output is there, you can search for text.

There will be a small hold-up with the Debian packages as the section for the  library has been moved to libs, where it should be. At least I think that’s why there is a delay.

procps infrastructure

procps currently has only an email list and a gitorious git repository.  While this works most of the time, there are two main problems with this setup.

The first is that the only two ways you can report bugs is send an email to the list or create a git merge request. The email has the problem with tracking and gathering history while the git sets the bar pretty high for reporting something has gone wrong.

Second problem is there is no tarball file repository.  gitorious does have the feature of downloading tarballs of the tag checkpoints, but this is the raw repository.  When you make a tarball with “make dist” there are some generated files included in the tarball that don’t appear in the gitorious ones, which means its not a simple for some as you expect.

So I’ll be creating a project for these two features soon.  Not sure where they will be but I use sourceforge for both these for a few other projects so that might be where they end up.



Mudlet, the multi-user dungeon or MUD client, has finally made it to version 2.0!  It looks a lot more stable and polished at least from the scripting side than the previous RC versions but has all the features that we’ve come to expect with it.  The most important thing is that the developers have finally put a line in the sand and said “this is version 2.0”.  The Debian package was uploaded yesterday and should be on its way to your local mirror soon.


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