Manilla, Git and Gjay

Work doesn’t often send to me places as great as Manilla in the Philippines, but here I am.  It’s a reasonably modern place and to me feels more like America than Asia in so many ways, posssibly because of its history.  One thing is for sure, noone follows road rules here.  Red lights are a suggestion and a zebra crossing is just some painted lines that you do need to stop at.

As for food, it’s not that different, in fact this sad lot is about what was different:

  • McSpaghetti – Was supposedly sugar coated spaghetti but actually was very tame, my son would of loved it.
  • Wow Steak from KFC – Neither Wow nor Steak, like a big chicken nugget with gravy and rice
  • Halo Halo – A dessert drink which was sugared or preserved fruit, milk and ice.

Generally though the food has been pretty good but nothing I could get at home.

Good news about Gjay, the previous maintainer said it was ok for SourceForge to hand over the control of the program to me so I’ve set it up in git and started working on it.  Most of the work was getting the code up-to-date to the later gtk APIs and making it work with audacious instead of xmms.  It’s almost ready for (re)initial release and there is even an ITP ready to go.

Git is a rather interesting and new (for me at least) version control system.  I’ve been using cvs for more years than I’d care to think about and svn but while it is a bit different as you’d expect I haven’t had it get in my way.  In fact I’ve been so impressed with Git I have put a few other projects into it, mainly with the collab maintence Debian project for a few of my packages.


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