WordPress 4.0 for Debian

Yesterday WordPress released version 4.0 or “Benny” of WordPress. I have now downloaded it and packed up for Debian users. The files just hit the ftp-master a few minutes ago and will then be distributed out to the various Debian mirrors.

The upgrade should go smoothly but you will probably need to upgrade the twentytwelve/twentyfourteen themes if you have them installed. It seems release 4.0 they also updated these themes.

My next Debian task for wordpress is to re-examine the permissions and locations of wp-content to see if we can have something that permits online updates of the plugins and themes but is still FHS compliant. I’ve also had some people report they have some installation problems, mainly around configuration and directories so let’s see if that can get fixed too.



11 responses to “WordPress 4.0 for Debian”

  1. Why would you support online updates of WordPress? It is a really bad idea to let web applications update themselves or you must want an army of infected installations. For me it would mean that I would roll my own WP-packages again and drop the Debian one. And what is wrong with /srv/www/wp-content?

    1. Ah, thankyou for your comment. You bring up a very important point (or omission on my part). I meant online updates of plugins or themes only, not wordpress itself. I’ll adjust the posting as well.

      The Debian package won’t permit online updates. If someone wanted that, then using the default non-Debian wordpress is a better fit.

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