WordPress 5.8.2 Debian packages

After a bit of a delay, WordPress version 5.8.2 packages should be available now. This is a minor update from 5.8.1 which fixes two bugs but not the security bug.

The security bug is due to WordPress shipping its own CA store, which is a list of certificates it trusts to sign for websites. Debian WordPress has used the system certificate store which uses /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt for years so is not impacted by this change. That CA file is generated by update-ca-certificates and is part of the ca-certificates package.

We have also had another go of tamping down the nagging WordPress does about updates, as you cannot use the automatic updates through WordPress but via the usual Debian system. I see we are not fully there as WordPress has a site health page that doesn’t like things turned off.

The two bugs fixed in 5.8.2 I’ve not personally hit, but they might help someone out there. In any case, an update is always good.

Next stop 5.9

The next planned release is in late January 2022. I’m sure there will be a new default theme, but they are planning on making big changes around the blocks and styles to make it easier to customise the look.


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