ncurses into experimental

Sven has been very busy getting a new Debian ncurses packages into order.  With the multiple changes made and the fact that so many things depend on the shared libraries, we decided that it is best to put the first cut of these packages into experimental. We’re now using the Quilt 3.0 source format for

JFFNMS 0.8.5 released

After my usual battle with PHP and database exports, jffnms 0.8.5 is now released. This program is a network management system written in PHP.  The worst part about the whole maintaining process for it would have to be is the release. Why is it so difficult to track changes within a database and PHP code?

VMware at last

Well I suppose its a bit heretical running something such as VMware, but its an important piece of software at my workplace, it also allows me to run some important VMKs or modules.  But at first it just wouldn’t compile. And then I found this wonderful blog about Installing VMware on Ubuntu and it worked