Gjay Updated

After a long time of testing and just plain other non-software writing stuff, I’m happy to announce Gjay 0.3.0 is released.  This is my first release of Chuck Groom’s code and hopefully it will work for you too. The Debian packages will be out shortly after some building and testing.  If you have a 64-bit

procps: Third time lucky

OK, ok, i got a chroot and pbuilder now. So that should, I hope stop any more FTBFS bugs about missing depdendencies. procps got uploaded that fixes some important bugs, but mainly they were small fiddly things. About the most significant enhancement was pmap now has a real working -x flag.  It looks a lot

Manilla, Git and Gjay

Work doesn’t often send to me places as great as Manilla in the Philippines, but here I am.  It’s a reasonably modern place and to me feels more like America than Asia in so many ways, posssibly because of its history.  One thing is for sure, noone follows road rules here.  Red lights are a

Happy new RC

It’s the late afternoon of the first day of 2010 here, though I suppose its still 2009 for someone for a little while. After a lot of waiting, JFFNMS release candidate 1 for 0.8.5 got uploaded to sourceforge.  This release is mainly about fixing some database release bugs 0.8.4 had and they’re all caused by