python and rrdtool

RRDTool is a neat utility for collecting and graphing statistics such as server loads or network traffic. There are two main modules for interfacing with RRDTool files within python; rrdpython and pyrrd. rrdpython is the basic bindings of the rrdtool library within python. The API is very familiar for people who program in C or

What I learnt from LCA 2013

Well I’m back from LCA 2013 and what a great week it was. I learnt plenty of things over the week, including: Cloud computing into the government will be coming but will be hard to do in a significant way It wasn’t just me that found the GTK 2 to 3 API change hard going

Off to LCA2013

While I’ve been involve in Linux and Debian for many (15 or more) years, I’ve only ever been to one “major Linux thing” in all that time and that was manning some stall for Debian about 10 years ago. Well, let’s call it two because next week I’m off to the 2013 conference. I